Our Story

Throughout life, it is often felt that we do not have the luxury of slowing down, that mindfulness is a huge endeavour that will take hours on end.

We too, felt exactly the same for a long long time, but our minds changed the moment we noticed how picking out our favourite glassware for the day and pouring ourselves a glass of water in the mornings became a routine that we really looked forward to. Taking that few minutes made us realised how simple mindfulness could be and how it could incorporate seamlessly into our existing day to day routines.

We wanted more people to experience this way of living and to introduce it through this medium, thus, Gentle Objects was created.

Gentle Objects is a glassware-focused brand that curates artisanal objects to help you build an intentional space you enjoy living in. Our pieces are hand crafted meticulously by artists around the world, each with their own story to tell.

Just as you have to be gentle with glass, we encourage you to also be gentle with yourself, and to savour the richness of life — a comfy bed to come home to, a breath of fresh air, a glass of cold water on a warm Sunday afternoon.